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About Us

Grace & Game Golf was created to provide the modern woman with gorgeous, utterly feminine golf clothes that perform on and off the course.  

For so long, golf clothes have been influenced heavily by men’s golf clothing.   And men have been lucky.  There are great options for men that allow them to wear their golf shirts and a gorgeous pair of slacks to work, straight onto the course and then straight into the clubhouse at the end of a satisfying round.  Not the same for women.   Affordable and beautiful golf clothing options for sophisticated women have been few and far between….until now. 

Grace & Game understands that clothing is an expression of a modern woman’s personality, and that when she looks good, she feels more comfortable, capable, and powerful.  The Grace & Game Woman has game, on the course and in her life and career.  Now she can finally feel as gorgeous and capable on the course as she is in every other part of her life.

Grace & Game was created by single mom and lawyer, Jessica Eaves Mathews.  She started golfing in 1992, and discovered quickly that there were no golf clothing options for women who wanted to be chic on the golf course.  Inspired by the lack of choices, she first came up with the idea for Grace & Game almost 13 years ago, going so far as to have designs and patterns made, and branding developed.  But, as a young lawyer, her life got moving and it wasn't until being on a golf course in Hawaii in February of 2008 while wearing yet another "mini-man" golf outfit and baseball cap that she decided it was time to finally launch.

Jessica's focus in her designs is making clothing that takes its cues from the runways in Milan and New York and not from other golf clothing manufacturers.  Jessica's designs are beautifully constructed, made of luxurious, and in many cases, sustainable fabrics, are  comfortable, gorgeous, feminine, and they also perform.  These are clothes that women will want to wear to work, to dinner and in life, not just on the golf course.  But they are also clothes that are designed to perform on the course, because as much as any Grace & Game woman wants to be gorgeous, she also wants to bring her best game. 

Grace & Game Golf is also committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, both in the local, national and global communities.  As a result, a portion of our net proceeds will always go to support our favorite organizations.

Planet Earth:  Grace & Game Golf is committed to operating our business in as many environmentally sustainable ways as we can, including making much of our line out of eco-friendly fabrics and materials, materials that are also luxurious to touch and are made of gorgeous saturated colors perfect for the modern palate.  We will also regularly purchase carbon offsets to help minimize our carbon footprint as a business. 

American Made:  Grace & Game proudly strives to manufacture as much of its line in the USA as possible, which we hope helps to create American jobs and strengthen the economy.

Good Citizenship:  Grace & Game feels strongly about giving back, and in tying our giving programs to our success as a company.  Because of that, we will regularly donate a portion of our net revenues to charities we believe in, including:

Dress for Success,,
Susan G. Komen Foundation, and
First Tee
For more information on each of these wonderful organizations, please click the links and visit their websites.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs:  Grace & Game is a 100% woman-owned business, which was launched by Jessica Eaves Mathews out of her office in her home in Issaquah, Washington.  Jessica has spent much of her career helping other business owners launch and run their businesses, and it is one of her passions.  And in launching Grace & Game, Jessica started with not much more than a dream and a lot of caffeine.  She is determined to use her experiences in launching Grace & Game to help other women like her.  She believes that as her company grows and succeeds, she should do her part to help other women entrepreneurs succeed both in the USA and in the world. Grace & Game is committed to assisting other women entrepreneurs through mentoring, blogging, social networking, and micro-loans through organizations such as